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The living art of nature in perfect order. 'High Radiance' refers to the invisible and visible vibrance of the plant kingdom. The wisdom of Mother Earth is abundant and healing.

High Radiance is born with the purpose to bring you closer to nature and your own natural state of being. Through our eyes, these two are centered in love. We come home to our unconditioned loving self, as part of one beautiful whole together. We are one. We are nature. If we are one with people and nature, our actions become pure. We will treat the earth like our home and mother, care for the soil like our roots, feed our bodies and hearts well to act out of love towards others.

It is time to reconnect to the knowledge of our ancestors. If we suffer from imbalance, nature brings balance and supports the self healing ability of the body. With a healthy mind and lifestyle we are able to prevent many dis-ease. Where needed, an abundance of medicine present themselves around us. High Radiance supports organic, biodynamic agriculture, regenerative practices. holistic education, reforestation, and permaculture farming. 

Founder Emanuelle Vos

'First I want to thank you for visiting High Radiance. My name is Emanuelle Vos and I explore life as an herbalist in training, DJ, artist, writer, mother of Zya and activist for conscious living, together with nature and its cycles. I first truly connected to plants on my personal journey to heal from digestive issues and eczema. On my path I learned about the interconnection and integration of our soul, body and mind. How we have three brains: the head, the heart, the gut and how they make us feel and react.To achieve physical and emotional well being we have to also heal our traumas, face our fears, do our shadow work.


Ever since I got introduced to yoga and energy work at the age of 18 I am mesmerized by the practice and its benefits. I moved from a standard sugar-rich diet as a kid to a plant-rich, unprocessed, organic and holistic approach to nutrition and life itself. I believe that plants can be wonderful allies on our life path to support us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


I followed my heart to music, art, herbalism, wild edible foods and clean cooking. I had a chance to play at incredible music events, create beautiful nourishing recipes, fulfill my heart by empowering people to improve their well being and advocate for conscious consumption. Deeply inspired by the natural realm I am now devoting my fourth year to a herbal medicine study after many years of self- education and exploration.

With love for the ancient science of life Aryuveda I am beyond excited to share more with you about coming projects in partnership with Pukka Herbs. It makes my heart buzz to co-create and be part of Pukka's Herbal Ambassadors.'


Emanuelle's passion for natural healing and art brought her to create the High Radiance platform. High Radiance will serve as a community to explore the power of plants, recipes, soil health, human well being, music and more. 

With High Radiance Emanuelle hopes to share inspiration to empower you, as well as a reverence to Mother Earth. 


Emanuelle is a student of herbal medicine school Het Kruidenrijk and her personal teacher Gerry Boots, Kruiden op Zolder. 'I want to express my love and gratitude for the teachings and reference works of Het Kruidenrijk and Kruiden op Zolder, on which I can rely on during my practice.'


You can book a consult with Emanuelle or join one of her workshops. Feel free to connect with us by email with any inquiries or interest in collaboration.

'The highest expression of art is nature.'

- Emanuelle Vos

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My heart is full of love for Rianne Borchers, you were my right hand in sprouting the platform. Thank you dear Maxime van Strijland for your graphic design talent and skills.

Carlijn Claire, artist/illustrator who translated Emanuelle's vision and visual ideas for the High Radiance artworks into the beautiful herbal drawings.

Special thanks to the talented Lucia Meeuwsen. Lucia created the amazing High Radiance collage-art shown on our homepage.


Gratitude and love for our friends Valerie Amor, Rogier Houwen and Tessa Letort for some of the beautiful pictures on the website.

Emanuelle has deep appreciation for the artists and people she works with, understanding and translating her visions of High Radiance. If you feel like joining us to create please contact us:

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