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We believe an organic plant-rich and whole food diet brings clarity and longevity. Food should be delicious and good for you at the same time. Food is not only the food you eat. It is also what you watch, hear, fill your time with and important is whether you emotionally digest it or not.


The recipes are created with deep love for vegetables, fruits and herbs. For healthy food, we need healthy soil. A healthy soil means that minerals, microbes, insects, worms are present and the soil can function as a vital living ecosysytem. Monoculture farming and chemical toxins, like pesticides, used on the land will have adverse effects on biodiversity and therefor on the nutritional value of our food. To honour earth, regenerate and improve the quality of our food, we support conscious consumption of regenerative organically farmed produce.


The energy that we put in preparing our food and the way we feel about it is as important as the nutritional science. We focus on cooking organic, whole grain, unprocessed, gluten-free and plant-based recipes. If once in a while you fancy some sweets or wheat pasta, that is fine.


A balanced diet with positive attitude will do miracles. You can find recipes categorized in seasons and moments of the day. All goodness to share with loved ones.

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