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Latin name: Rubus Idaeus

Plant family: Rose family, Rosaceae

Active compounds: tannin, flavonoids, organic acids, pectine, vitamin c, a, e, b, minerals iron, calcium, magnesium

The gorgeous Raspberry, gentle and protective. In astrology Raspberry is a feminine plant connected to Venus, with the element of water. If you think of the sensual fruit, it is no surprise that it has such a female power. I imagine the fruit as being a womb upside down, soft, gentle, pinkish representing the universal love. It makes all taste more sweet and tries to remind you of knowing what is yours and recognize ones boundaries. Rubus refers to black berry because Raspberry is very similar to the Blackberry. The plant can be found in cooler climates, likes to be sheltered from the wind, found mainly in forests, along undergrowth and hedges, also found on heath lands and along railroads. Grown widely in gardens, but originally from Europe, Asia and North America. It has a beautiful deep red to pink fruit show us to be good for the heart, blood and energylevels. It is one of the greatest herbs for women’s health.



The fruit is high in nutrients, it consists of a lot of anti oxidants that take care of unwanted intruders in our cells and tissues. In traditional herbalism it is actually the leaves for medicinal purpose. Raspberry leaf is high in vitamins and minerals, including iron, calcium and magnesium, which are beneficial for going through women cycles. Also vitamine B, C, A and E and minerals as manganese, phosphorus and potassium are present in the herb and support over all health. 


In indigenous teachings Raspberry is commonly used to support during pregnancy. Raspberry both strengthens and relax the uterine muscles. When in the proces of giving birth, it improves contractions and reduces bleeding. After birth it is a supportive herb for pain relieve, stimulates milk production and heal the muscles of  the uterus. It is such a gift that through its white flowers the Raspberry shows us to have an anti inflammatory quality. It also suppresses early morning sickness.


Raspberry also works with menstrual disorders. If you suffer from PMS or cramps you can use the herb to soften and calm down. During hormonal changes and menopause calcium is absorbed less. Calcium reliefs and balance in periods of hormonal discomfort and should be taken in higher amounts. With heavier menstruation flows, the iron available in the Raspberry leaf will support from not It is next to all, a good remedy for white tide. You can see that for different phases of our female human experience on earth, Raspberry can guide us.


Due to its astringent effect, raspberry is also good remedy for diarrhea, mouth sores, bleeding gums, small infections of the mouth and throat.


If you have experienced miscarriage or premature birth, don’t use this herb during pregnancy because of its strong uterus stimulating effect. If you have any hormone related illness, don’t use Raspberry in medicine form. 


The easiest and most effective way to use Raspberry leaf is to make a tea. Of medicinal tea you drink three times a day one cup. Let the herbs soak in some room temperature water and use one spoon per 0,5 liter water. Then put the boiling water. You don't want to active compounds to lose their nutrients because of hot water, so make sure you follow these guidelines. Wait at least 15 minutes before drinking. I suggest a stronger infusion and leave the herbs for a couple of hours. You can also drink this tea cold or room temperature. 




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