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Latin name: Equisetum Arvense L.

Plant family: Horsetail family, Equisetaceae

Active compounds: Flavanoids, coffee acids, Silicon, pyrolizzdine, alkaloids, Calcium, Vitamin K, Manganese

Horsetail belongs to the spore plants, which for me was a beautiful discovery when first meeting the Horsetail. It means that Horsetail was on this earth for millions of years and survived all that happened. It has been such an important plant for me to have worked with through a certain stage of my life. If you need guidance, a real backbone and clarity in an ancient rooted way, Horsetail is a go to. It is safe to life your truth. It is a great herb during pregnancy and heavy recovery and in these times we need the ancient power that Horsetail can give. It is a pioneer plant that grows in fields and loam soil. Field Horsetail originates in Europe, but also occurs in North America, Asia and north-south Africa. The connected joint-like branches look like vertebrae, bones and joints. This is how the plant shows us its scope. The hollow stem indicates an effect on hollow body parts such as: airways, intestines and bladder. Its deep firm roots indicate resistance-enhancing and blood-purifying effect. The stiffer the plant, the more silica the plant has to share.


Horsetail is a great source to boost your over all health. It is strengthening, supplementary, purifies blood and increasing resistance. Strengthens all organs and can be a great help during pregnancy or in recovery after illness.

The large amount of minerals including Silica, Calcium, Vitamin K and Manganese supports building of the muscular system and strengthening; with weight pains and decalcification of bones and muscles, for example with rheumatism. Silica strengthen the bones and is together with calcium stimulating natural  production of collagen in the body for healthy hair, nails and skin.  

Saponins are stimulating and strengthening the urinary tract, such as weak kidney function and bladder weakness. Horsetail drains moisture.

Due to the high mineral content Horsetail can be used to protect and recover dry skin that is sensitive to eczema, fungul skin-infections, poor hairgrowth and breaking nails. It is fortifying and calming for the nervous system if you experience any stress nerve exhaustion or general weakness. 


Don't use this herb if you suffer edema because of limited hearth rate frequency. During pregnancy let Horsetail support you, but don't make your herbal blends too strong.


It is very important to forage this herb in clean areas. Horsetail is a great cleanser it is known to recover the soil. This way it carries the toxins and if you forage them full of junk, Horsetail will not serve the way you want it too.


Equisetum tincture is made of the adult plant. The more stiff the plant feels, the more silica to serve.


To extract the silica of the Horsetail in a tea,I have been teached to cook the dried horsetail for some time instead of pouring the hot water on top.


A Horsetail and Birch salve is beautiful to use if you suffer any skin problems or insect bites.




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