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One day a tiny bee was standing in front of the endless ocean. Just in the sand where the water did not hit him. The ocean was rough and the sounds of the waves were loud. The bee was calm and he walked towards the water, towards the overwhelmingly powerful sea. He showed no fear, he seemed very confident. This was his path. I was there, watching him. Next to the bee I had found a seed in the form of a heart.

There were two options:

1. Let the bee follow his path 2. Save him The tiny bee, so calm without fear continued his walk towards the ocean. And then a wave took him. And I did not save him. ——— silence ——— The water took him, but the water also brought him back, to the sand, just in a different place. He survived and I watched him. Again, the bee walked, without fear, towards the water. The seed in form a heart was still there next to me.

I had two options: 1. Let the bee follow his path 2. Save him He learned his teaching and showed his courage. Now I take the heart to bring him to a safe place in the beach where he can dry his wings to fly again. The bee was just showing me this: Don’t be afraid of life. Whenever life seems terrifying and wild, find your focus, stay calm and follow your path. To go in unsafe waters does not mean it will be your end. It will probably just bring you to another point of consciousness to learn from the teaching. And when you need it, there will be spiritual guidance or the appearance of other help from unexpected source. ———  silence ——— I am the bee. You are the bee.

I face the unknown waters, because life is ever changing and can seem scary. But I go in, and swim and see where the current will take me. And then I ground my feet in the sand again to feel, that this is life and I want to live.

True Be(e) Story May 11, 2020

credits image: Ali Beckman @soflytaxidermy


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