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It’s a beautiful day to roll in your weekend with a sun protection facescrub tonight. Use this scrub only at night as it contains cooling oils to support the skin after a ☀️ visit. But other way around make your skin sensitive to light if used before entering a sunny space. Chamomille is showing its full and vital force. Did you know the Chamomile Flower is empty if you cut it over length? It looks like a belly which has to much air.. Guess what, chamomille helps relieve gassy issues and softens digestion. It is a great antiseptic, used for all kinds of inflammation, calming the nervoussystem and so much more.

❤️ To rub off the old, renew your skin physically and energetically. Don’t protect yourself from the unknown. Take time to treat yourself with this scrub. It will clean, soothen and nourish your skin and being.

Take some coffee grounds, add coconut oil, add some St Johnsworth oil, add chamomille flowers, add raw sustainable honey and if sun burned one drop of lavender essential oil. (If so, skip or use less coffee or instead of coffee use powered cacao. Feel for yourself) Add some clean filtered water to the moist and see how earthy the substance appears. A representation of the soil, massaging your body to bring yourself back on your feet, grounded, rooted very deep into earth. ready to be new. Ready to be you.

🌼 please tag us when having your face scrubbed! @emanuellevos & @high_radiance


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