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Vitamine C Ice Cream

Though I strongly prefer warm and nourishing breakfasts in this time of the year, someone woke me up yesterday with the desire for ice cream. Who am I to judge, so we had ice cream for breakfast.

Lots of frozen mixed berries

Half of a large Banana

Camu camu (1 small teaspoon)

Sea buckthorn berry powder (1 small teaspoon)

Black currant powder (2 teaspoons)

Maca (one heaped teaspoon)

Cashews (preferably soaked)

White almondpaste

Fresh squeeze of lemon

Topped mine with bee pollen, option to top with whatever hempseeds/ raw cacaonibs or granola you love. Your digestion is starting from the moment you smell the food and it enters the mouth. By smelling and chewing your saliva is being activated and this is the first step of healthy digesting your food. This means we should not go for our smoothie in one sip, but rather chew on it or spit in your smoothie, so your body actually has the chance to absorb nutrients. I left some chunky cashews.

Did you know your mouth and teeth are portals to your whole body? So it is extremely important to take care of your oral health. Using only natural products, natural toothpaste, do oil pulling, flossing your teeth, use a tongue scraper, activated charcoal (no synthetic mouthwaters and synthetic fluoride toothpaste ❌ that can interfere with the natural microbiome and systems.) Oral health also effects our digestion, it is all so interconnected!

This ice cream is a mega mega vitamin C party to boost your immune system. Swipe for us enjoying barefoot 🦶 for a cold stimulus per day to get our circulation flowing for our immune system as well as to ground and let go of anything heavy that can be carried by mother earth.

Enjoy !


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