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YIN-YANG with spicy crips of coconut

Well, there is always some light in the dark and there can some dark in light. The light in the dark is that black rice is enormously fiber-rich and high in anti-oxidants. The dark in the light is that white rice is not high in dietary fiber and is a lot less nutrient dense. So see my choice of colored rice in this recipe more for fun. If you choose rice on a nutrient-dense level, go for brown, black or wild rice. Wholegrain rice is a perfect source for a digestible protein.

I wanted to make a savory dish with papaya and rice. To make a yin yang sign - I used two different colors of rice. The black rice has a bit of different flavor. That’s why I want to give them both their own twist. I will cook this dish without leek. So I do not give flavor with garlic nor onion. This way it should be easy to digest for anyone who suffer digestive problems because of leek vegetables. The black rice I will cook with some ginger. Cut the ginger very thin and fry them a little bit before you put the rice and water. The jasmin rice, which already has such a good flowery flavor I put in extra coconutflakes. Feel free to change the coconut flakes to coconut milk or add extra coconut milk. If you use coconut milk, count the amount together with the water to boil. Both wish salt with cooking. So we we’ll have ginger black rice with coconut jasmin rice. On the picture this dish is served with steamed haricoverts. With steaming you make sure that most of the nutrients are kept. The haricoverts come with a walnut and mint dressing. The dish is also lovely to separate and serve as element in a different dish.

For the jasmin rice:

100 grams jasmin rice

2 cups of coconut flakes

sea salt

For the black rice:

100 grams black rice

1 big chunk of peeled ginger

sea salt

Papaya with spicy coconut:

1/2 papaya

3 cups coconut flakes

1/3 tsp. salt

2 teaspoon of chili flakes

3 limes

1 tsp. coconut oil


A hand full of fresh mint leaves

two hands full of walnuts

2 Tbsp. of olive oil

1 tsp. tamari

1 tsp. whole black pepper

1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar

1 quarter of avocado

pinch of sea salt

1. Put both rice to boil. Fry the ginger and boil the black rice. Always use 2 cups of water to 1 cup of rice and some pinches of sea salt. Depending on if you soaked the grain the boil time will be between 20/30 or 50 minutes. Boil the jasmin rice, maybe with coconut milk. Remove from heat when it is ready and add the coconut flakes.

2. In a pan heat the coconut flakes with some salt. If you like spicy food you can add some chili flakes to the coconut. When the coconut is toasten brown golden it is ready.

3. Find a ripe papaya, sweet and juicy and cut them as small boats. The papaya boat we drizzle in fresh squeezed lime juice. On the plate you will serve the papaya rolled in the toasted salty and chili coconut.

4. Prepare the dressing. Put all of this in the blender and add more liquid when needed. Season to taste.

5. Steam the haricoverts. Serve all together. I even served this dish with the portobello-bean spread that is following soon on the overview. It was such a delight to have al these flavors come together.


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